10 Uses For An Emergency Blanket

10 Uses For An Emergency Blanket

The Emergency Space Blankets are designed to reflect heat and their ultra-shiny surface. Don't hesitate to unwrap and snuggle your mylar bag inside. The longer you wait to decide if you are truly in a situation of emergency worth taking out the life-saving equipment, the more body heat you lose. Hug another individual, or even your dog, if possible, and cover yourself in one or two emergency blankets to increase the heat radiation from inside the bag.

Top Uses For The Emergency Space Blankets

Firstly, frostbite affects the extremities. Use the Emergency Space Blankets in an emergency to cover the fingers and toes.

1. A sleeping mat. The Emergency Space Blankets are waterproof. If you find yourself outdoors during an emergency, place the blanket on the ground to protect the body from the dampness of the ground overnight and retain heat until morning.

2. Starting a fire. How? By taking advantage of the reflective qualities of the blanket. Alternatively, the blanket can be used as a windbreak.

3. A backdrop for a campfire. The design of the blanket allows more heat to be reflected. In theory, the blanket can only be melt at 400 degrees, so even fire is no danger. Of course, this does not apply if you place the blanket too close to the fire! You can also use the blanket as a clothesline. Put your wet clothes on the blanket and let them dry in the sun. Because of the reflection, it dries faster than usual.

4. To maximum the heat output. If the electricity fails, put a blanket behind your wood stove, lanterns or candles - and you will be warm.

5. Emergency arm slings and tourniquets. A small part of the blanket could save lives in an emergency situation - if the emergency call for 911 is not an option.

6. Emergency cordage. The blanket can be tied together or woven. With the blanket, you can theoretically catch fish or make an emergency bag. However, you should not use it as a rope for climbing downhill!

7. A makeshift oven. In the worst-case scenario, e.g. before starvation, you can use the blanket as a kind of oven. Place the oven directly in the sun and put small pieces of fish or meat on the blanket.

8. Trail markers and a signaling mirror. The reflective property of the material will help rescuers find you or allow you to retrace your steps back to camp after hunting or searching for water. Cut or tear the material into squares and fix them with stones or tape if used to mark trails.

9. Fishing lure. Fish are attracted to the shiny material. Use it in an emergency.

10. To keep heat from escaping. Grab a tape and attach the blanket to windows and doors to keep the heat inside in case of an emergency. The material will keep the body temperature at a stable level.

Additional Bonus!

11. As shelter. If a tent or cover is not available and there is no more time to build a shelter, you may try the blanket. The material can be fixed to trees or branches with duct tape.

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