Our Cause

The Story Behind Our Cause

Dogs are left worldwide without any help and shelter. There are people out there who save them, get them medical treatment, and find their homes forever. Please help us support our great network by purchasing any item of your choice to make sure that these dogs are saved and that they get a home forever. Help us save one more puppy!

Goals And Impact

In the United States, there are more than 13,000 dog shelters, with more than seven million pets joining them each and every year. These shelters are almost exclusively non-profits, dependent on volunteers, fees for adoption and donations to keep their doors open and running. We try to help as much as we can! 


What do we do?

  • Connecting people & dogs

Every dog deserves a wonderful family, and that is why we work with US-based animal welfare organizations to support pets in need of adoption.

  • Preventing dog homelessness

Before it starts, we support programs that prevent dog homelssness.

  • Strengthening communities

By collaborating with organizations that help dogs we try to support those who need it the most - with unconditional love.

Sincerely your Anivival & Naturvival-Team